Meet Kristina

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

I've been passionate about nutrition since I was just a little kid. I remember my mom telling me to look for a cereal that was lower in sugar, had X grams of protein, etc. and from that moment I loved learning about nutrition labels and healthy foods! Fast forward a few years, then I did a grocery store tour on healthy foods as a Girl Scout. Ironically, my first job as a dietitian was as a retail dietitian at Hy-Vee leading grocery store tours to the public on nutrition topics (even working with multiple Girl Scout Troops!)

I got my Bachelor of Science at the University of Minnesota in 2017, then got matched to a dietetic internship program at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in 2018. Shortly after finishing my internship and passing the RD exam, I started working at Hy-Vee and at a gym called Inspired Athletx in Plymouth, MN.


I have worked with clients on anything from diabetes to heart disease, general wellness, eating disorders, allergies, cancer, renal, pregnancy, gastrointestinal issues like FODMAP, and a lot of sports nutrition. I love working with a variety of areas within my field, especially with sports nutrition, weight management, and just helping people start sustainable, healthy habits that make a huge impact over time.

Through Faithful to Food LLC, my goal is to help others learn how to build a balanced lifestyle through nutrition counseling, meal plans and nutrition education on portion sizes, and healthy recipe assistance. We live in a time where nutrition and dieting are all over the internet, magazines, and social media. As a research-based practice, being a registered dietitian helps me teach clients how to sort through the false food claims, lose weight without fad diets, and make eating healthy both fun and easy.

Today I finished my 8 month dietetic int