Why Nutrition Matters

I can't tell you how many times people have come to me frustrated with weight loss, fad diets, feeling lost in the grocery store, or claiming they "don't have time" to eat healthy. As a dietitian, it breaks my heart to see so many people struggling to find peace with food. My goal is to help my clients learn sustainable, delicious changes that will make a huge difference in their lifestyle. Eating tasty, nutrient-dense foods and learning how to prepare them is what makes nutrition fun! Good food = good mood!

Why work with a Dietitian?

There are so many benefits of working with a dietitian. We live in a world where anyone on the internet can try to give nutrition advice. What makes dietitians stand out? We went to college to learn the research-based knowledge on nutrients, how your body responds to them, and we can easily spot the unreliable advice on the internet. We have been trained to help educate the community through nutrition counseling, realistic goal setting, and we will meet you wherever you're at in your health journey.

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Nutrition Consultations

My goal is to make nutrition as easy as possible for you. Forget about the yo-yo dieting you may have tried and the frustration it has caused in the past. During a nutrition consultation, I'll bring you back to the basics of nutrition, run through a typical day of your eating habits, coach you through some easy changes right off the bat, and set a few goals to start working on. If you're someone who likes structure and the idea of following a meal plan for a few weeks to learn portion sizes, new ideas for snacks and recipes, I've got you covered.